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Motivated individuals who have a passion to develop middle and high school students on a frequent, monthly basis.  In this role, you will teach the student useful character traits, interact with the student in a fun, meaningful, engaging way, plan and implement weekly-bi-weekly activities in the school for a 45-1-hour time period. School mentors also attend periodic field trips/outing, outside of school.

4-5 hours monthly


Motivated individuals who want to serve in the capacity of the day of events/programming. This may include greeting, registration, set-up/take down, wrapping gifts.


Annual Golf Fundraiser

Football 2 Faith

Gifts & Gospel

College Tours

2-4 hours based on Event

Fund Development

Motivated individuals who want to serve in the capacity to develop and implement strategies to bring revenue into the organization. This may include initiating, building, and maintaining community relationships.  Researching/applying for grants

4-8 hours monthly

Event Committee

Motivated individuals who enjoy the planning and execution tasks of the pre-work phase to accomplish tasks for an event/activity.  

6-8 hours monthly

Board of Director

Motivated individuals who want to serve in the capacity governing the  organization. This includes: governance, oversight, compliance, advancement of the nonprofit’s mission, financial management, policy development and implementation, strategic goal-setting for the organization, overseeing executive performance and compensation, securing and effectively allocating operating funds, approving the terms of major and/or complex gifts and sponsorships, recruitment of new board members.

4 quarterly meetings

3-5 hours monthly

School & Community Development Liaison

Motivated individuals who want to see us build partnerships with middle/high schools and community organizations so we can bring mentorship/youth development to  youth in the school and needed services to the community.  This may include maintaining contact with school personnel, attending meetings/appointments, creating meaningful opportunities to connect with the staff/students.

4 hours monthly


Motivated individuals who enjoy the follow-up process that includes a hospitality component where you follow up and check in with the student, family, individual, or community member.  This could include completing surveys, voicing thanks for their attendance, spiritual growth development follow-up (link them to the ongoing development opportunities that are within the organization.

4 hours monthly

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