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Encouraging, Equipping, and Empowering Youth & Families to Distinctly Thrive!

Our Mission & Vision

Out of passion and conviction, Distinctly His Ministries was founded in November of 2019, as a federally recognized 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Many underserved and under-resourced communities lack long-term growth oriented resources that help them be successful. Our mission is to provide development-focused resources, services, and opportunities to encourage, equip, and empower youth and families to distinctly thrive. We do this through youth development, distinct sports, and community engagement. Our vision is to cultivate a distinct godly culture that thrives in their relationship with God and within their communities.


Troy University- 2024 Girls College Tour
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                    Youth Development                                               Distinct Sports                                           Community Engagement

Within Youth Development, we help youth be their best and live to at highest potential. We help them maintain a healthy relationship with themselves, others, and God. We implement mentor programs that provide educational, social, cultural, and spiritual experiences and trainings that equip and empower youth to thrive in all areas of life. 

Within Distinct Sports, youth have opportunities to participate in sports activities, camps & an athletic tour. Participants improve their athletic skills, build confidence, grow in sportsmanship and teamwork, while connecting the importance and power of their faith in their everyday lives. Off the field, Distinct Sports youth participate in our development-focused mentor program.

Within Community Engagement, we partner with local schools and organizations to help support healthy relationships, strong and productive families, and community improvement.  We help youth and families obtain emotional and spiritual growth, and assist with generational wealth in order to build strong and productive families, and improve communities.

"Not only have they helped me with my tangible needs but they have also prayed for me, mentored me, supported me and continue to encourage me."

~Cedar Crest Parent